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Tyrrell’s Punting Cambridge Co. was set up by locals who know Cambridge and its history inside out. We are specialists in chauffeured tours and have been running punting tours for over 15 years.

We have the capability to take 100 passengers simultaneously so don’t worry if you’re a large group. Our tours depart and return to Jesus green, please see our location here. Our Cambridge punting tours are 50 minutes in duration and you will see 7 Colleges and 8 bridges along the route.

Punting in Cambridge has been a favorite pastime in the UK since the 19th century. The reason it is still popular in London is due to the immense relaxation and peacefulness it brings to the mind of the traveler. Even before the 19th century punting had been utilized for fishing and trading purposes.

There are several punting spots in the UK, but the most renowned among them is the punting in Cambridge. The reasons include the numerous scenic locations at every corner of the journey. Some of the world-famous wonders that can be seen along the route include several vintage buildings, churches, monuments, bridges, and villages.

Many international tourists have made it a point to experience punting in Cambridge every time they visit the UK. The sheer beauty and vibrant ecosystem that one can experience through this trip are truly amazing.

Essentially Cambridge punting can be done by oneself but it best to hire a punter who is familiar with the complex waterways of Cambridge. These proficient punters can offer a smooth boat ride through the river Cam along with an interesting narration of several historical anecdotes surrounding Cambridge.

If you are nervous about boat rides, fear not, as the waters are comparatively shallow and the boat itself is a sturdy and dynamically built craft. It is capable of providing both comfort and safety to the passengers throughout the journey. Moreover, life jackets are available for everyone including the kids, and the punter himself is highly skilled to provide any assistance if required.

Popular attractions along the trip

Cambridge punting is an incredible tourist attraction by itself as an exquisite number of magnificent locations and landmarks are covered in this trip.

Some of the famous landmarks and scenic locations include:

  • King College Chapel – which is 575 years old and located in the heart of Cambridge.
  • Mathematical Bridge – An epic geometrical marvel built by James Essex in the shape of an arc. But shockingly, the timbers used to construct the bridge consist only of straight timbers.
  • Bridge of sighs – Officially known as the Hertford Bridge, this is a frequent tourist attraction spot for photo sessions.
  • Grantchester Village – is a pleasant and attractive countryside with several iconic monuments and churches. The village is famous for two churches that date back to the 12th century known as St Andrew and St Mary. Grantchester also has a tea room known as “The Orchard” which is famous for serving afternoon tea to the visitors. Travelers can also spend a great time in the pubs in Grantchester known as the “Green man” and “Red Lion” to enjoy a couple of drinks or have lunch.

Ideal season for punting

Punting in Cambridge can be experienced throughout the year in every season.

  • During the summer’s – people enjoy going for punting to spend an amazing time with their friends and family. The gardens maintained by the Cambridge College will be blossoming with a wide variety of ravishing flowers.
  • During the autumn – season, Cambridge can transform into spectacular scenery with gorgeous foliage. River Cam will be flanked by trees, leaves, and other vegetation drenched in autumn colours.
  • During the spring – season, Cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils can put up an incredible show along the river banks. This is a great time for taking the children out to explore nature and also to experience the tranquility of the river Cam.
  • During the winter – punting can be both challenging and fun if you are ready to experience a bit of snow. The prices will be a lot cheaper during winters and you can enjoy a great deal of peace and calmness with lesser chaos.

Each season brings a different perspective to the journey and environment. Everyone should try punting once in a lifetime and enjoy this iconic and spectacular outdoor activity.

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Evening Punting Tour

We suggest going out at dusk or before, as when it’s dark some of the college buildings are not illuminated.

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