Practicing Safe Social Distancing While Punting in Cambridge
Punting in river

The weather in England has been full of sunshine and warmth for the past few days, but the
whole world is unfortunately still on lockdown due to the widespread of COVID-19. The British
government has requested that people follow strict distancing measures by staying at home to
contain the disease. However, people can venture out for a daily exercise to remain sane during
the lockdown, and a Cambridge punt is the best way to enjoy the trees blossoming under the
warm sunset that beams its rays across all the buildings.
Cambridge punting is a favourite pastime because it is a relaxing boat ride down the River Cam,
where you can breathe in the beautiful scenery on a sunny day. Since most tourists are not
around due to the coronavirus lockdown, locals can try a Cambridge punt without the hectic
crowds. Punting in Cambridge is one of the best ways to hear all the historical tales about the
famous college backs. The architecture speaks for itself and gives you a different feeling while
rowing past sitting in a punt.

A punting tour is an activity that brings people together with a capacity of approximately 12
people per ride. However, due to COVID-19, it is essential to maintain strict social distancing
rules. Unlike regular year-round tours, you can try private tours with loved ones, if you are not
more than six people to ensure safety. Members of your household who display coronavirus
symptoms should stay at home and avoid punting in Cambridge. Any booked tours can be
rescheduled to a later date so that people may recover from all symptoms before punting.
Everybody should always remember to wash their hands and use sanitizers before and after
boarding a punt.

It is recommended to limit non-essential contact with your chauffeur while punting in
Cambridge. If you need assistance, the chauffeur can offer their shoulder or elbow while getting
on and off the boat. Everybody should attempt to sit with significant gaps in between each
other, and still be close enough to the centre of the punt to avoid tipping over. Private tours will
have plenty of space to spread apart while keeping arms and legs safely inside the punt. To
prevent breaking social distancing rules, every member of your group should be living together.
People are still advised against gathering in large groups or visiting friends and family who are
not part of the same household.

These are troubling times for everyone in the world, and passenger safety is of utmost
importance. Businesses and tourists have been affected by the necessary lockdown measures
and need to remain healthy and resilient during this challenging period. Although punting in
Cambridge is one of the safest activities in the country, being mindful of a few simple social
distancing rules is critical to flattening the curve.

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