Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Go Punting in Cambridge
Shared Punting Tour

Punting in Cambridge is the most popular and exciting tourist activity. You get to sit in a comfortable flat-bottomed boat with a square-cut bow. This boat is designed to show you all the beautiful sights while rowing through shallow water and small rivers. Your chauffeur or punter will propel the punt boat by pushing against the riverbed with a long pole known as a quant. Summer is the best time to visit Cambridge, and here are the top reasons why you
should book a punting tour to make your trip more magical.

Learn About Cambridge

Your chauffeur will be a Cambridge native or long-term resident, and they will have plenty of historical tales to share with you during the ride. Some of them are students from Cambridge University. For a laugh, you can ask them to tell you funny secrets about this famous university that was once attended by Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing, Emma Thompson, and Charles Darwin.

See Beautiful Scenery

Even though Cambridge has some of the most beautiful historically crooked streets to admire the architecture, seeing it from the narrow rivers on a punt is an entirely unique experience. Enjoy the majestic River Cam on a chauffeured punt and breathe in the fresh air from all the surrounding greenery and Cambridge landscape. You will get plenty of picturesque views of the meadows and traditional tea gardens along the way.

Have Fun in Groups

Punt boats usually allow up to 12 people on board. This could mean bringing a rather large family, or you can make new friends with other tourists. You can also hire a private tour for your group to celebrate a hen’s party. This is a terrific chance to spend time with fun people and share a laugh. You can also bring some drinks on the punt if your chauffeur or tour operator allows it.

Romantic Rides

If you want to spoil your partner with a romantic trip, book a private tour just for the two of you. It will be like a romantic gondola ride in Venice. You can bring a bottle of champagne and have a toast to celebrate love while the chauffeur rows you down the beautiful marshlands. Get a couple’s photo taken on the River Cam with the breath-taking views and surrounding architecture.

Relaxing Atmosphere

After an exhaustingly long day of walking around the streets of Cambridge, punting is a great way to kick back and relax without ending your tour. There is enough space on the boat for you to sit comfortably and be transported along the River Cam. The punts move at slow speed so you can take plenty of photos along the way. You will get uninterrupted views of Cambridge from a punt which makes it the perfect way to end a trip and get the most magical photos to share online when you get back to the hotel.

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